Tuesday, November 6, 2012

DIY- Pleather Vest

I saw this pleather jacket at Target about a year ago and had to have it. At the time the Target that was closest to me didn't have an XS and I'm not usually an extra small because I'm a curvy girl, but anyhow this style and fit called for that size for me. I drove near and far for this jacket and ended up in El Monte just so I could get my hands on this baby. As time went by I thought well gee this jacket doesn't look as cute as I thought it did. It fit too bulky and the sleeves were too long. So I thought its time to cut this sucker up and make a vest and I'm glad I did because It looks and fits a lot better with out the arms. I have plans to make long gloves out of the sleeves too. Stay tuned...

Step 1: Get an old jacket (pleather, leather, or any unique fabric)

Step 2: Lay it out flat and cut the sleeves off with large fabric shears. I would cut about an inch from the armhole. So it is easier to whip stitch later.

Step 3: Fold your armhole fabric inwards and pin around the armhole. Make sure the interlining is under the leather so it looks nice and neat.

 Step 4: Now whip stitch or hand sew around the arm hole where your pins are so that the seams look clean.


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