Saturday, March 7, 2015

Fern Dell- Griffith Park Hike

There in the midst of the trees of Griffith Park, not too far from the trails of Fern Dell stands a darling cafe. As you walk up to the wooden bijou cottage you can smell the freshly baked pies and scones inside the kitchen that serves locals and hikers.  
I ordered the iced coffee and Madison ordered the iced chai. The pre-hike drinks were delicious and just what the day called for. 
The apple pie was warm and flavorful. The freshly whipped cream was just the right touch to our pre-workout snack. 
The Fern Dell hike is a stunner. After deciding to try it out based off the news of the Trails cafe alone, I was surprised to find that the hike is actually majestic as well. As you begin the hike there is plenty of shade from the canopies of the trees growing along the trail. We took the path to the left because a passerby had told us it would be less steep. About ten minutes into the trek the first beautiful landmark you see is a flirtatious glimpse of the Griffith Observatory in-between the trees. Later, as you approach higher altitudes you can see the Hollywood sign to the left nestled high upon the hill. To the right, off into the distance are the tall skyscrapers of Downtown Los Angeles. Above, is the Observatory and if you have your back to it you can see clear out to the Pacific Ocean. 

Xo, Rachel

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