Saturday, March 14, 2015

Cappy Captain

Shirt: Merona 
Button Up: Merona
Shorts: Catalina Island Vendor
Shoes: Kork-Ease
Hat: Vintage
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

It's nice to be on the water on days like this. Being on the ocean makes me realize how much I would love to live on a sail boat, waking up in different ports all over the world. I think that would be exciting. Until then, I guess I should sign up for some sailing lessons.

This outfit is all about comfort. I just got this v-neck tee from Target for five dollars. I bought it in a large so it fits comfortably and allows length to tie it in a little knot at the hemline. You can't go wrong with a v-neck tee shirt and shorts, but these aren't just any shorts. These are soft crochet shorts. So it just goes to show, that you should pop your head into all the little stores you pass while in other towns because that is where you find unique pieces like these. I got these shorts while in Avalon on Catalina Island and I love them. If you really want to be comfortable wear wedges. Wedges will get you through a 24 hour day with out hurting your feet.

Xo, Rachel

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